Dr. Musselman

Dr. John Musselman, the optometrist who founded Grand Vision, is pleased to provide a quality and caring environment for his patients. Grand Vision offers the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology to its patients along with one-hour service on most single vision glasses, the latest designer frames, and the most comfortable contact lenses available.

Dr. Musselman has served the Greater New Orleans area for over thirty five years, and draws upon his extensive experience to provide unmatched examination services and the most comfortable contact lens fittings to all of his patients. Please come in to see the difference this makes.


Contact lenses

Dr. Musselman specializes in hard-to-fit contact lenses. Whether you have a high prescription, dry eyes, or are keratoconic or post-operative, you can count on Dr. Musselman to take care of the most difficult fittings.

Diagnostic imaging

Grand Vision constantly looks for ways to improve the quality of patient care. To further this goal Grand Vision purchased a retinal camera capable of detailed analysis of the back of the eye (retina), the front of the eye (anterior segment), cornea, crystalline lens and iris. With these images, disease progression and be detected and tracked over time allowing Dr. Musselman to make better disease management decisions.


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